Announcement on the campaign in Solidarity with the Worker’s Movement in Egypt

As a result of the revolution, which dealt a series  of blows and eventually overthrew the Mubarak regime, Egyptian society has become a setting for a remarkable class struggle. The conclusion to the
revolution against hunger, poverty and political and social oppression is imminent. The Military Council and bourgeois forces are once again attempting to consolidate the bourgeois political power. In hopes of sending the deprived and working class back to their homes empty handed.

The working class in Egypt has, for the past several months; continually engaged in a class wide struggle, endeavoring to defend their rights and keep the revolution alive. As a result of this struggle, the working class has become more aware of its own class interests and taken many steps in uniting its ranks.

The stubborn Military Council and new bourgeois government have been in opposition of the protests and demands of the working class. Recent efforts to gag the workers have enraged the working class and
driven them to resort to more effective struggle methods.

There are now attempts by the leaders and activists of the working class to organize a national wide strike in Egypt, demanding the basic rights of their class be met. Several sectors and institutions have organized the strike for 10th September 2011. However, the Military council and government, in a joint official statement, have responded with the threat of more arrests and oppression.

Amid this class warfare, we, as defenders of the rights of workers announce a campaign to gain international labour support for the working class in Egypt. The goal of this campaign is not only to mobilize international support for the workers movement and their demands, but also to exert pressure on, both, the Military council and Egyptian government in meeting these demands. Our aim is to organize an international response for any oppressive attacks that may be carried out by either of these groups.

We call on the world labour movement, all labour organization, all socialist organization, defenders of freedom, justice and human rights to stand up and raise their voices in support of the worker’s movement in Egypt and in protest of the campaigns of the Military council and Egyptian government. We call on them to declare their solidarity with the labour movement and their condemnation of the bourgeois oppressive mpaigns. We call on them to play a role in advancing the protests and helping the workers achieve their demands.

The campaign, in solidarity with the worker’s movement in Egypt, strives to expose the oppressive policies of the bourgeoisie to an international audience. It strives to organize a practical movement to support the workers in Egypt and exert direct pressure on the bourgeois rule. It strives to be an international support for the worker’s movement and the general strike in Egypt.

Rebwar Ahmad, Fateh Sheikh,
Faris Mahmood and Shamal Ali

8th September 2011


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