Wave of labour protests, strikes spread across Egypt


Cairo – A series of labour strikes and protests in the  public sector were held in different parts of Egypt’s capital Cairo  on Saturday, with workers demanding better wages and working  conditions.

Thousands of teachers held a protest in front of the cabinet’s  headquarters in central Cairo on Saturday, as they demanded raising  their wages to be equal to other professions, fixed working contracts  and expelling the current minister of education.

They threatened to strike if their demands were not met. They say  that the degrading conditions of their profession have left them with  low social respect.

They carried banners that read: ‘Our legitimate demands, or else  there will be no school this year.’

Teachers from the different provinces took part in the protest  that blocked the street as they chanted ‘The teacher wants to oust  the minister.’

Schools are expected to begin on September 17 in Egypt.

Meanwhile, dozens of young doctors protested outside the Health  Ministry to demand higher wages, better medical service for citizens,  and sacking corrupt officials within the ministry.

They threatened to escalate their rallies if their demands were  not met.

Another group of doctors gathered in front of the health  directorate in the coastal city of Alexandria, witnesses said.

Around 3,000 textile workers began their strike on Saturday,  vowing to continue until a new rate for their minimum wage is set.

Egyptian workers want to press the cabinet to implement a  one-year-old court verdict that ordered the government to raise the  national minimum wage for workers to 1,200 Egyptian pounds (around  200 dollars) per month.

Postal workers across Egypt have began their strike last week to  demand the restructuring of their wages, and ending corruption in  their sector.


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