The Workers of the Muhalla Textile Company Achieve a Great Victory

In a phone call with Hisham Foard, the labour activist and a leader member of the
Democratic Labour Party, we have learned with certianity that the workers of the
Muhalla Textile Company in Egypt have secured a magnificent victory by forcing
the government to pass a resolution complying with all their demands. Following
the worker threats of a general strike, which would have paralysed the biggest
textile company in the Middle East and would have driven wider sections of
workers in Egypt to support possibly even join them, the government requested
negotiations with the workers. The negotiations, which took place yesterday and
lasted five hours, ended with the Minister for Workforce promising to meet all
demands raised by the workers.
The following was agreed upon; increase of launch allowances by 100% to reach 210 Egyptian Pounds
per month, increase of incentives by 200% for the workers receiving incentives
less than 120 EP, 100% for those receiving incentives ranging between 200 and
300EP and 25% for managers and CEOs of public sectors and the good performance
incentives to commence after the company’s general assembly that is due to
convene next November. Mustafa Abdul Aziz, member of the Negotiating Committee,
pointed out that if the resolution is not passed strikes will most certainly
commence on Saturday.
Today, we have learnt with certainity that the resolution has passed and the workers of
the Mahalla Textile Company achieved victory, not only for themselves but for
all workers of public textile sector. The stike was called off after news of the
victory was made official.
It is worth mentioning that Egypt is continually witnessing what can be called  a revolutionary labour
awakening which is growing in strength  and radicalism with more
workers participating and more radical demands being raised. Amid this labour
awakening the level of unity and organziation grows. It is the workers who have
played a pivotal and decisive role in the success of the revolution of 25th
January 2011, evident in the increase in the number of trade unions from three
to ninety. The threat of the Mahalla Textile with general strike was part of an
extensive labour activity which involved over 1000 strikes during last seven
Shamal Ali
Coordinador of the Campaign in Solidarity with Labour mMovement in Egypt.
11th september 2011

One response to “The Workers of the Muhalla Textile Company Achieve a Great Victory”

  1. Sharo says :

    Long live workers movment!

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