Appeal to the Labour Organization and worker’s and human rights defenders

Condemn the oppressive measures of the Egyptian Authority against the labour leaders and activists!

In a statement by the Egyptian Federation of the Independent unions issued 13th September 2011, the recent measures taken against union leaders and activists, who are calling and struggling for the basic rights of workers, has greatly escalated.

According to the statement the administrations of companies like Zuzuki and The General Company for Wholesale Trade have, not only,
suspended labour activists in the last few days but also subjected them to internal investigation and even referred them to security and judicial authorities on groundless and fabricated charges. Many other labour leaders from other sectors have also been referred to these authorities on similar charges. These practices are a part of an attempt by the new authority in Egypt to impose retreat on the labour movement, which has was able to obliterate Mubarak’s oppressive rule, and is making serious attempts as using this victory to create real change in the working and living conditions of their society.

Military authority in Egypt has passed laws which ban strikes and sit-ins by workers, despite these being legitimate and legal actions of struggle according to the international standards. They have even reintroduced marshal laws which had long been a tool in the hand of the Mubarak’s
regime to crack down his opponents. Although seeing military forces present during rallies, police attacking protestors and innocent victims beings put on military trail on false charges like ‘thuggery’ does not come of much a surprise, considering those in power.

We support the just demands of the workers of Egypt to secure a dignified and humane life for themselves and their families. We strongly condemn these oppressive measures and the relentless attempts to turn back time and revive the oppressive laws of the Mubarak’s regime. We call on all labour organizations and trade unions, freedom loving people and defenders of the workers’ rights to condemn and denounce these oppressive measures, which threaten the freedom of workers in Egypt, to rally and protest. Send your support letters to the workers of Egypt and send condemnation letters to the Egyptian ruling authorities. Let’s declare that we are not leaving the worker in Egypt alone in the confrontation with the capitalists!


Shamal Ali

Coordinator of the Solidarity Campaign with Workers’ Movement in Egypt

14th September 2011.   


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