The Egyptian Federation of Independent Unions Condemns the Despotic Measures Against Independent Unions

Labour leaders and independent unions are forced to deal with oppressive measures, by authorities, as a result of defending their rights and that of their workers. They do so by holding strikes, sit-ins and peaceful demonstrations.

For instance, the administrative board of the union of Suzuki Company has been investigated for distributing publications. After inquiries, it was found that the publication distributed was a bulletin used by the union to communicate with its members. The management of the company has now suspended the general secretary and head of the union.  Leaders of the independent union of the General Wholesale Trade Company were subject to the same type of abuse and pressure during a sit-in by the workers, who were demanding their rights. The Head of the union was recently investigated by the office of public prosecution on charges which were unwarranted and clearly fabricated. They included falsely assuming the identity of head of a union, although he actually lodged the paper to establish the union with the Ministry of Workforce and incited
workers to strike. Heads of many other independent unions, like the head of the Independent Union of the General Transport Institution and head of the Employees of the Cairo University, have also previously been changed with these similar charges, which have been established as false.

We know all too well that this behaviour by the employers, government and capitalists is aimed at intimidating workers to deter them from exercising their rights, participating in strikes or establishing unions. This behaviour is a continuation of the behaviour of the previous regime. Who often resorted to cutting the livelihood of the leaders of strikes, sit-in and demonstrations all in an attempt to crack down labour protests which eventually failed.

Therefore we stress that the workers, have never and, will never stop demanding for the rights, holding strikes, sit-ins and peaceful demonstrations and establishing their unions.

The Egyptian Federation of the Independent Unions condemns this behaviour and demands:

  1. The immediate issuing of the law of unionist freedom
  2. The ending to abuse against union leaders
  3. Repealing of all resolutions and laws which ban strikes, sit-ins and peaceful demonstrations
  4. The demands of the workers be met immediately

Long lives the struggle of the Workers in Egypt

Strike is a right

Freedom of establishing unions is a right

Egyptian Federation of Independent Unions

13th September 2011.


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