Appeal …Join the Solidarity Campaign with the Workers’ Movement in Egypt!

Appeal …Join the Solidarity Campaign with the Workers’ Movement in Egypt!

Workers of Egypt are in a fierce struggle to make the rights and demands, in which the revolution erupted over, a reality. They are engaged in a relentless endeavour to end a history filled with hunger, poverty and absence rights and freedoms. They are making significant progress towards gaining rights, improving living conditions and consolidating political rights including the right to strike, organize and hold gatherings.

Meanwhile, the ruthless and oppressive nature of the counter-revolutionary forces, including the Military Council, the government and the right wing forces, have been clearly displayed by their continuing aim to halt any advancements made by the workers. They have made countless attempts to do so by bringing back the martial law against workers, protesters and those aspiring towards a brighter future. They have also sacked workers and protesters from their jobs, put innocent individuals on military trial and continued to terrify them with oppressive measures.

There are two sides participating in this current conflict. There is the side aspirant towards creating an egalitarian society and providing freedom for its people. On the forefront of this side are the millions of workers and individuals seeking a better life. This side includes the millions of individuals who believe, that despite their heroic sacrifices, they have yet to achieve the significant change they are aiming towards. This side has rebelled against authority and is not ready to see the Mubarak regime remain in power, only this time without Mubarak and his henchmen. They do not want to plunderers of livelihood, the blood sucking mass executioners to continue to rule. They will continue to fight for the rights they believe, they will not back down until their demands become reality.

The opposing side consists of a group of individuals who have their hands gripped tightly around the throats of workers in hopes of keeping them silent. They believe that simply because Mubarak and a few corrupt officials have been removed and put on trials that their job is complete and this oppressive regime should stay in place. This side is completely indifferent to the hunger, abject poverty and lack of social justice for the vast majority of individuals. They believe that the demands of the masses have been met and thus business should continue as usual.

This struggle between the two sides is fierce. The incessant struggle between the two sides is not local. One side is supported by funds from the Gulf States, global imperialist powers, International Monetary Fund and several other international and regional forces with enormous wealth and giant hireling media outlets. As a result the workers, toilers and deprived individuals seeking a more prosperous future have been left in this struggle without any adequate support and solidarity. The forces of the civilized world, the international working class, those seeking freedom and equality should unite and support the workers in Egypt during this time of struggle. This struggle is not local and applies to workers and freedom seekers everywhere.

In order to try turning these goals into a reality and organizing forces to support this cause; we have established the Campaign in Solidarity with the Workers’ movement in Egypt. Our campaign aims to witness workers in Egypt succeed in this struggle. The victory of the workers is the only way for society as a whole to achieve victory. Emancipation of society relies on the emancipation of workers. Any endeavor in this direction will bring closer the day workers and deprived individuals achieve victory. This endeavor is in urgent need of support. This victory cannot happen without you, and without the ranks uniting and standing behind the workers movement in Egypt.

Join our campaign, so that we can open wide fronts everywhere in support of the workers in Egypt. Let the counter-revolutionary forces know that workers in Egypt are part of a wider class that includes millions of individuals. The victory of workers of Egypt will bring down many fortresses and the stronghold of contemporary capitalism.

We call on all labour, liberationist, parliamentarian and human right organizations, parties and associations to join this campaign to support the workers in Egypt and impose retreat on all agenda antagonists of workers and society in general.

 16th September 2011.

Solidarity Campaign with the Worker’s Movement in Egypt

mob:  0046 (0)737038612





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