Appeal to all workers organization and trade union: Support Workers in Ain Sokhna Port in Egypt!

Support Workers in Ain Sokhna Port in Egypt and Condemn the Suppressive
Actions by Both DP World Company and Military Authorities in Suez-Egypt.

 The workers of Ain Sokhna port in Egypt became subjects of ill treatment by, both, DP World Company and Military Authorities in Suez-Egypt. They are now asking workers of the world for solidarity.

According to a letter, sent by the Independent Union of Workers in Ain Sokhna Port in Egypt, last Tuesday workers of this port began slow protests. Workers attempted to put pressure on the administration of the DP World Company, which runs the port to fulfill the promises it gave to workers last May. Last May the administration gave assurance to the workers that all their demands would be met. However, this has not been the case. In a letter from the Ain Sokhna Workers Union, it has been brought to light that the administration retreated after the ruling Military Council announced the reactivation of the emergency law.

The letter also exposed that on Thursday 22nd of September, the leadership of the union was called to the headquarters of the 3rd Army in Suez. The workers believed that the meeting with the head of the army was a negotiation, but were shocked to find out that members of the Union
leadership were detained, shackled, abused and accused of thuggery. One of the Union leaders was beaten and tortured by an officer. Union leaders were released after the military police realized that the attempt to terrorize them would not stopped the determined workers.

The letter also states that the administration of DP World Company, in coordination and with support by the military authorities, closed the port and forbid them from entering.

The letter declares that from Friday the 23rd about 3800 permanent and temporary workers have begun an open sit-in protest in front of the governor’s office in Suez. Workers insist that they will continue their picket until all their demands are met by the administration of DP World
Company. Workers demand that:

1-   Risk allowances equal to that of workers in Eastern port in Port Saied receive.

2-   The ‘end of service rewards’ should be approved for each and every worker. This reward must be equal to the total amount of salaries for 25 month and should be measured based on the last salary.

3- The administration officially recognizes the Workers Union as representative of workers in the port.

4- A financial and administrative regulation is adopted in restructuring the salaries in the company.

We in the Solidarity Campaign with Workers’ Movement in Egypt support the struggle of Ain Sokhna Workers and call upon all labor organizations, especially Maritime and Port Workers Unions, all over the world to express their solidarity with the workers and their just demands, and to condemn the suppressive actions by the administration of DP World Company and the Military Authorities in Suez.

Shamal Salih

The Coordinator of The Solidarity Campaign with Workers’ Movement In Egypt


You can send your letter of condemnation to DP World Company in Ain Sokhna

DP World Sokhna

Sokhna Port Development

PO Box 133 Ein Sokhna

Suez Egypt

tel: +20 62 371 0071 Fax: +20 62 371 0070

or send an e-mail to :


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