Iraqi Freedom Congress Supports the Campaign in Solidarity with Workers’ Movement in Egypt

Support the Workers in  Egypt

The workers in Egypt are the soul and pulse of this revolution. The working class in Egypt has been the sole cause of this revolution, they have managed to overthrow Mubarak’s oppressive regime and it has been their hard work and determination that has kept the revolution flame burning. The anti-revolutionary forces continue to do their utmost to halt the progression of the revolution at its current stage, aiming to restart the wheel of capitalist investment on the grounds of cheap and submissive labour.

Workers in Egypt are engaged in a daily revolutionary confrontation in order to defeat the attacks of Tantawi-Sharaf’s regime and thwart the endeavor to maintain poverty, hunger, unemployment and deprivation of basic political rights. The workers in Egypt struggle for bettering their living conditions, for the right to organize and strike, and to abolish the martial law, which is, meant to be a sword against to neck’s of workers.

Comrades and leaders in labour organizations s and activists worldwide!

The working class in Egypt is in dire need of your support in its current struggle. The victory of the working class is a victory for the working class worldwide. In addition to the benefits of such a victory for the working class in Egypt , it will have huge regional and international impact. This victory will help improve the living conditions of the workers, improve their social status and political weight. The panic and concern of the ruling classes about the workers in their countries following the example of the workers in Egypt imposes retreat on these classes and forces them to make concessions before the social and economic struggle of the workers’ movement. It empowers the working class, increases their revolutionary determination, self-esteem, and strengths their will. Eventually this victory will prepare the ground for a different future, a society where the working class enjoys having the upper hand. Therefore, your support in the struggle of workers in Egypt is vital.

Amjad Ali

of Iraq Freedom Congress


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