A Letter from Workers Liberty Australia To Dr. Essam Sharaf, The Prime Minister of Egypt

Dr Essam Sharaf

The Prime Minister

Arab Republic of Egypt

Dear Dr Sharaf,

We call on the government of Egypt to meet the demands of workers in Egypt who are taking action to improve their standard of living and for justice and democratic rights. We express our solidarity with the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions and the various unions and groups of workers in Egypt who are bravely exercising their right to strike and organise sit-ins in defence of their legitimate rights, the foremost of which are:

1.A minimum wage of no less than 1500 pounds a month and a maximum wage which does not exceed 15 times the minimum, linked to the rate of inflation and price rises.

2.Permanent appointment of all categories of fixed-term workers, taking into account years already worked.

3.Scrapping the law criminalising protests and strikes, and an end to military tribunals for civilians

4.Immediate implementation of a law on trade union freedoms

5.All those involved in corruption must be removed and held to account.

6.Pump funds and raw materials into the Misr Spinning factory and other factories. Re-opening of companies which have been closed by their bosses under workers‚ management.

7.Reinstatement and financial compensation for all workers who have been arbitrarily sacked.

8.Implementation of the law guaranteeing workers a share in company profits

Since the Arab Republic of Egypt is member of the ILO and was elected to the governing body of the ILO in June 2011, the government of Egypt is obliged to respect the rights of workers to organise in free and independent trade unions, and particularly should urgently grant the demand for scrapping the law criminalising protests and strikes, and an end to military tribunals for civilians.

Janet Burstall

on behalf of

Workers Liberty Australia

P.O.Box 313

Leichhardt NSW

Australia 2040

cc. Ministry of manpower and immigration Egypt

cc. Egypt embassy Australia


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