The campaign in solidarity with the workers’ movement in Egypt is launched in Canada

Despite the fact that the revolution in Egypt has been successful in overthrowing the oppresive Mubarak dictatorship, workers of the nation continue to struggle for a better life. In recent weeks, a wave of strikes and sit-in protest actions irrupted throughout many sectors. Workers in Egypt are engaged in daily revolutionary confrontation to thwart the new government’s endeavor to ignore poverty, hunger, unemployment and deprivation of basic political rights. The workers in are in a struggle to better their living conditions, for the right to organize and strike, and to abolish the martial law, which is meant to be a sword to neck’s of workers.

An international solidarity campaign has been launched in support of the working class in Egypt in its current class struggle. The main goals of this campaign are to gain the widest possible support across the world to support the workers’ movement in Egypt and their demands, and to exert pressure on the Egyptian Military Council and the government. It aims at mobilizing a swift and vigorous international response to any oppressive attack that the Military Council or the government may launch against the workers, as there is current evidence of a possible widespread and bloody crackdown in the country.

We, a group of activists in Canada, believe that the victory of working class in Egypt is crucial, not only for the working class and society in general but, for the entire Middle East region and the world. Therefore we have decided to join this international solidarity campaign.

In this Campaign we aim to:

  • Spread the news of the Egyptian working class and its struggle in Canada
  • Contact the largest possible number of labour organizations and human rights organizations in Canada and urge them to protest, intervene and exert pressure on the regime in Egypt by:

1. Sending condemnation letters to the government, its embassy, and consulates abroad and to the foreign companies working in Egypt

2. Send letters of support and solidarity with the workers’ movement

  • Hold protest gatherings and demonstrations in support of workers’ struggle in Egypt
  • Hold evenings and weeks of solidarity with the workers’ movement in Egypt.
  • Raise donations for the independent Unions in direct cooperation with them

We call upon all labor organizations and activists, political parties, freedom loving people in Canada to join us and stand behind the just struggle of our brothers and sisters in Egypt.

Jala Barkhordar, Aras Rashid, Amjad Ali, Adil Ahmed and Mino Humaily

Contact person

Mino Humaily


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