A Call for an Urgent Action: Condemn Anti-Workers Suppressive Actions

A Textile Company in Egypt Used Armed Thugs to Suppress Workers

According to a statement issued by the Centre for Trade Union and Workers’ Services in Egypt today the administration of Mega Textile Company in Sadat city prevented Mahmud Abdul-Nasir, the chief of the independent syndicate of the company’s workers, and Mohammed Hassan, a member of the union’s executive committee, from entering the factory. The owner of the factory, which employs hundreds of workers, used armed men and thugs to confront workers who were aggravated by the employer’s action.

Mahmud Abdul-Nasir said that he preferred to avoid conflict with the armed men, who used unnecessary force to prevent him from entering the factory, as he was afraid that the consequences of his actions would endanger the lives of his fellow workers. Workers of the company have been living in terror for the past week, as the owner of the company have begun to use armed men, from tribes living nearby, to silence them. Armed men were used to stop workers from supporting members of the union, who were expelled last week due to their activities.

We in CSWME call upon workers organizations, especially textile workers union to condemn the vicious actions of the company’s administration and ask them to respect the freedom of organization of workers.


Shamal Ali

Coordinator of CSWME

October 9, 2011


Send a letter of Condemnation to the address below,

Mega textile SAE

16/3 Second Industrial Zone,

Sadat City

Monofeya Govr.


The company contact-person’s

Mobile Number:  00201003506550

Fax:                  0020482612190


Or E-mail your letter to this address



You can also contact the company’s head office in Turkey

Contact person Mr. Candan Akman

Mega Tekstil

Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Gri Cd.2.Sk.N.2


Turkey 16159

Tel (Candan Akman): 90-224-2438909

Fax : 90-224-2438910 ,


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