Military police attacked Mega Textile workers in Egypt and injured 30 workers

Support Workers of Mega Textile in Egypt!

 Military police attacked Mega Textile workers in Egypt and injured 30 workers

A unit of the military police attacked today more than 300 workers of Meg Textile Company outside the governorate building of Menoufia, northwest of Cairo; they used batons, electrical sticks and whips to beet workers and injured more than 30 workers.

Textile workers said that their sit-in was attacked by thugs early on Tuesday, which then prompted military police to crack down on the demonstrators, arresting 12 and leaving 20 injured. Around 700 demonstrators were protesting outside the governorate building when an unknown car hit a female protester, who later died.

The workers were protesting against an administrative decision to suspend 43 employees who belong to the company’s independent trade union, because they spoke to the media about their dire working conditions. Hala Abdel Hamid, member of the company’s independent union and one of the protesters told the reporters that the military police took their colleagues and they do not know where they are. She said “Thugs were pulling females inside the building”.

As we mentioned in our previous statement the administration of Mega Textile Company in Sadat city used thugs and armed men from tribes to prevent members of the executive committee of the independent union to enter the factory, and threat other workers to death if they didn’t leave the union.

We in Campaign in Solidarity with Workers’ Movement in Egypt (CSWME) call on all workers’ unions, especially textile workers’ unions and human rights advocates all over the world to condemn the joint vicious action of both the administration of the company and the military rulers in Menoufia province.

We urge you to send letters of condemnation to Mega Textile Company and the ambassadors of Egypt in your country!

 Ask them to stop resorting to violence against workers and try to listen to their demands!

Shamal Ali

The coordinator of CSWME

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Contact the Company?


Mega textile SAE

16/3 Second Industrial Zone,

Sadat City

Monofeya Govr.


The company contact person:

Mobile Number:  00201003506550

Tel-Fax:             0020482612190


Or E-mail your letter to this address


Egypt Embassies


Consulates in the US

Embassy of Egypt – Washington, DC

3521 International Court, NW Washington, DC 20008 Tel. (202) 895-5400


Consulate General of Egypt – New York

1110 Second Avenue New York, NY 10022 Tel. (212) 759-7120/7121/7122


Consulate General of Egypt – San Francisco

3001 Pacific Avenue San Francisco, CA 94115 Tel. (415) 346-9700

Embassy of Egypt Australia

Egyptian Embassy
1 Darwin Avenue
Yarralumla, Canberra, ACT 2600
Tel: (62) 273-4437/8

Egyptian Consulate — Melbourne
124 Exhibition Street, 9th Floor
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: (3) 654-8869 / 8634

Consulate General of Egypt
Level 3, 241 Commonwealth Street,
Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
Tel. + 61 2 9281 4844
Fax:+ 61 2 9281 4344


Egyptian Embassy
454 Laurier Avenue East
Ottawa, Ontario KIN 6R3
Tel: (613) 234-4931 / 35/58

Egyptian Consulate — Montreal
3754 Cote des Neiges
Montreal, Quebec H3H 7V6
(514) 937-7781/2


Egyptian Embassy
56, Avenue d’Iena
75116 Paris
Tel: (1) 47 20 97 70 / 47 20 75 97

Egyptian Consulate — Paris
58, Avenue Foch
75116 Paris
Tel: (1) 45 00 84 64 / 45 00 49 52 /45 00 69 23

Egyptian Consulate — Marseilles
166, Avenue de Hamburg
13008 Marseilles
Tel: 91 25 04 04


Egyptian Embassy
Konprinzen Str 2
Bad Godesberg, Bonn
Tel: (228) 364000/8/9

Egyptian Embassy — Berlin Branch
Berliner Str 22
Pankow, Berlin 3
Tel: (30) 482-5095

Egyptian Consulate — Frankfurt
Eysseneck Str 52
6000 Frankfurt/Main I
Tel: (69) 590557/8


Egyptian Embassy
3 Vassilissis Safies Street
Tel: (1) 361-8612/3


Egyptian Embassy
12 Clyde Road
Dublin 4
Tel: (1) 606566 / 718


Egyptian Embassy
I-5-4- Aobadai
Meguro-Ku, Tokyo 171
Tel: (3) 37 70 80 22


Boweg I-2597
The Hague
Tel: (70) 354-2000 / 4535


Egyptian Embassy
Strandvagen 35
Tel: (8) 660-3145, 662-9603 / 9687


Egyptian Embassy
26 South Street
London W1Y 6DD
Tel: (171) 499-2401

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