UNITE HERE expresses solidarity with workers at Mega Textile in Menoufia/ Egypt

UNITE HERE expresses solidarity with workers at Mega Textile and condemns the vicious actions of Mega Textile company and the military authorities in Menoufia/ Egypt

In response to the urgent appeal of CSWME to organizations and labor unions in the world to condemn the repressive actions of the company Mega Textile and military authorities in Egypt against the workers, UNITED HERE has sent a strong message condemning the suppression of the workers and demanding the company to do all it can to respond to the demands of the workers. UNITE HERE represents more than 300 thousand workers in various sectors in North America and has dozens of branches in different cities in the U.S. and Canada.
Our campaign continues in its effort to mobilize greater support for the labor movement in Egypt and to put pressure on the authorities and companies operating in Egypt to acquiesce to the just demands of Egypt’s workers.

Shamal Ali
Coordinator of the campaign in solidarity with the workers’ movement in Egypt
October 14 / October 2011


The letter from Debbie Anderson, the Director of International Affairs Department of UNITE HERE

 Dear Sirs

  On behalf of UNITE HERE, which represents over 300,000 workers in the United States and Canada, including textile workers, I write to express our dismay at what has recently taken place in Egypt. On Wednesday, Oct 12, a unit of the military police attacked more than 300 workers of Mega Textile Company outside the government building in Menoufia, northwest of Cairo. The military police used batons, electrical sticks and whips to beat workers, injuring more than 20 workers.

 Textile workers said that their sit-in was attacked by thugs early on Tuesday, October 12. That unwarented and unprovoked attack then prompted military police to crack down on the demonstrators, arresting 12 and leaving 20 injured. Around 700 demonstrators were protesting outside the government building when an unknown car hit a female protester, who later died.

 The workers were protesting against an administrative decision to suspend 43 employees who belong to the company’s independent trade union, because they spoke to the media about their dire working conditions. Hala Abdel Hamid, member of the company’s independent union and one of the protesters told the reporters that the military police took their colleagues and they did not know where they were. In her words “Thugs were pulling females inside the building”.

 We have been informed that the administration of Mega Textile Company in Sadat city used thugs and armed men from tribes to prevent members of the executive committee of the independent union to enter the factory. The same thugs threatened other workers with death if they didn’t leave the union.

 UNITE HERE condemns the vicious actions of both the administration of the company and the military rulers in Menoufia province. We call on Mega Textile Company to use all its influence to bring about a speedy and just solution to this problem.

 We will continue to monitor this situation, and will keep our membership updated as well.


 Debbie Anderson

Director, International Affairs Department


14 oktober 2011



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