Position of the Workers Democratic Party of Egypt on the parliamentary elections


Position of the Workers Democratic Party of Egypt on the parliamentary elections


13th October 2011


The Workers Democratic Party has been observing the current political and social situation in Egypt with great interest amid calls for parliamentary elections.  Based on its reading of reality, the course of the Egyptian revolution and developments of the social struggle on the ground the party documents its political assessment in the following points:

  1.  Since the 11th of February 2011, following the overthrowing of Mubarak and the Military Council taking power in the country, the transitional stage has witnessed a long list of undemocratic and counter-revolutionary policies and laws. These include passing the fascist law which bans strikes and sit-ins, military trails of thousands of civilians, cracking down on labour, student and popular protesters, the introduction of the undemocratic Party Law, reactivation of the emergency law which prohibits mass protests and passing electoral law which involves articles that provide a great opportunity to the members of the ousted regime to occupy parliamentary seats. And last but not least, the brutal massacre that targeted the Egyptian demonstrators in front of Maspero on 9th of October 2011. Our party holds the Military Council fully responsible for these policies aimed thwarting the revolutionary process in Egypt in favour of the counter-revolutionary forces spearheaded by the Military Council.
  2. Despite ongoing demands by the mass movement everywhere, to cleanse institutions of the state of all corrupted officials and members of the ousted regime who still occupy top positions in this productive, service, media and academic institutions, the Military Council insists on ignoring them and moreover violently oppressing, on many occasions, those raising these demands. Ignoring the demand to politically isolate members of the disbanded former Egyptian ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) which, were engaged in rampant political corruption for decades and demanding the reactivation of the Treachery Act to criminalize corrupted officials is part of this endeavour.
  3. Lawlessness in the country is a result of collusion of the police and its alliance with the counter-revolutionary forces. Despite the emergence of more than one project to restructure the police institution to put its performance under public scrutiny, the Military Council has remained silent, a clear indication that they are standing beside the counter –revolutionary forces.
  4. Despite all these oppressive policies, fascist laws and the collusion of the military rulers, the mass movement in Egypt is growing. During the last few weeks we have seen the expansion of strikes by workers, teachers, doctors and university lecturers. Mass demonstrations in Altahrir Square in Cairo and squares in many cities around the country have continued. There has been an upsurge in the establishment of independent unions. Social demands in fair wages, cleansing the institutions from corrupted officials and stopping privatization, which hands the wealth of the country to a handful of thieves, were the most prominent demands in these protests.
  5. Amid the current struggle between workers and the popular masses on the one hand and the counter-revolutionary forces on the other hand, there were a group of opportunistic political forces which stood against the masses of people and allied with the Military Council on more than one occasion to achieve selfish political gains and to win parliamentary seats or ministerial posts. These forces, which attacked the workers’ strikes and demonstrations, where millions participated, renewed confidence in the Military Council in its well-known meeting with Egypt’s military chief of staff Sami Anan. Our party believes that these opportunistic forces suffer isolation and that the path they chose by embracing the military rulers will push them farther apart from the mass movement.
  6. The claim that the parliamentary elections, due to be held in coming weeks, will result in the transfer of power to civilians is deceiving and misleading. The draft of constitutional amendments presented by the Military Council does not grant the party, which holds the majority of seats in parliament, the right to form the government but gives this right to the Military Council itself. Also the political course recently presented by the Military Council for the transitional stage does not put a time limit on ending the military rule and lacks transparency on the steps of this course. 
  7. The Workers Democratic Party believes that holding elections under military rule and the current political atmosphere, will result in putting excessive powers in the hands of businessmen, and employers, in acts of thuggery, violence and bloodshed and will reproduce a Mubarak-style parliament. This has become obvious, after many so-called liberal parties allowing their electoral lists to include members of the ousted regime; many of these figures are standing for individual seats. The parliament, which comes amid these circumstances, will not stand beside the revolutionary forces but beside those attacking the revolution and supporting military rule.

Our party struggles alongside the popular masses who are engaged in various forms of social protest away from the opportunism of the parties and against the counter-revolutionary forces. Thus, we announce that we will not participate in this poor play called parliamentary election and we refuse to grant legitimacy to the coming parliament. We call for the continuation of the struggle to overthrow the military rule and hand the power to a fully elected civil presidential council and coalitional government to oversee the transitional stage which can successfully achieve the task of overthrowing the regime, creating a positive political and social atmosphere which prepares the ground for a radical democratic change and real social justice. Our party calls on the Egyptian masses, youth movements and all political parties to expose these organizations, which are against the people, the revolution and democracy, and to continue the struggle to accomplish the tasks of the revolution.


Long live the Egyptian revolution

Glory to the Martyrs



Workers Democratic Party (under formation)




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