The Canadian Union of Postal Workers criticizes the suppression of Mega Textile Workers in Egypt

In response to a call for urgent action, by CSWME in supporting Mega Textile Workers in Egypt, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, which represents 54,000 postal workers in Canada, has sent a letter of condemnation to both the Mega Textile administration and the Egyptian Embassy in Ottawa.

The union expressed its concern for the situation of Mega Textile workers and asked the company’s administration and military authorities in Egypt to end their inappropriate intervention, their abuse of the fundamental rights of workers, violence against workers, and to start listening to the workers and resolve their just demands.

CSWME will continue its effort to bring international attention to the workers situation in Egypt. CSWME calls on all labour organizations and human rights advocators to support the just demand of the suppressed and deprived workers in Egypt.

Suppression and vicious actions against workers in Egypt must come to an end immediately!




377, rue Bank Street,

Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1Y3

tel:001 613 236 7238  fax: 001613 563 7861

 October 14, 2011


Mega Textile SAE

16/3 Second Industrial Zone,

Sadat City

Monofeya Govr.


Via mail and email (


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of the 54,000 members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers to raise our concern about the recent attacks by a unit of the military police on the workers of Meg Textile.

It is our understanding that the workers of Meg Textile were protesting the suspension of 43 of their coworkers who had complained to the media about their working conditions.

The rights to join Unions, the right to express concerns about working conditions, and the right to protest are fundamental rights. The fact that company owners and the military inappropriately intervened when workers were expressing these fundamental rights causes us great concern.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is asking you to stop resorting to violence against workers and to start listening to and resolving their just demands.


Yours truly

 Gayle Bossenberry

I SI National Vice-Pres dent


Denis Lemelin

National President


cc. Egyptian Embassy

454 Laurier A venue East

Ottawa, Ontario KIN 6R3


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