The Military Council appoints a labour minister opposed to workers’ rights.

Following the ousting of the government rule of Essam Sharaf by the uprising in Egypt, and in a step regarded by the protesting masses as further disregard for their just demands by the ruling junta, the Military Council appointed Kamal Ganzouri, head of a national salvation, government. Moreover, retired official, Mr Foad Albastoise was appointed as labour and immigration minister, a step regarded by labour circles hostile to their aspirations and just demands.

Workers are accusing Mr Ganzouri of corruption, discrimination, abuse of power and opposing workers rights and demands. The Egyptian Federation of Independent Unions, along with many other unions and labour figures, issued a statement condemning the decision to appoint Mr Albastoise as labour minister. They have also demand he be removed and replaced with a minister who is sensitive to and cares about the rights and demands of workers, a minister who allows workers the basic freedom to form independent unions, hold strikes, sit-ins and partake in demonstrations. The trade unions decided to launch a series of protests against this decision, in an ongoing effort to abolish it.

We, in the Campaign in Solidarity with Worker’s Movement in Egypt add our voice to the voice of the labour leaders and organizations in Egypt and express our support for these just demands. We call on all labour organizations and circles worldwide to stand beside the workers and the masses of Egypt against oppression and despotism.


Shamal Ali

The coordinator of the Campaign in Solidarity with Workers’ Movement in Egypt

4th December 2011-12-05



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