Support the Revolution in Egypt, Support the Revolutionary Socialists

The political situation in Egypt is heading towards a critical juncture. During the past few days the ruling military junta, the remnant of the corrupt Mubarak regime, has taken advantage of the election by launching a bloody campaign against the revolutionary masses in Egypt. The military Council, an oppressive institution that possesses 30% of the capitalist institutions in Egypt hence representing the core of the capitalist class and its political reaction, has embarked upon ending the revolution in Egypt and imposing submission and surrender on the workers and toilers of Egypt.

The terrifying and painful images coming from the streets of Egypt are merely the beginning of the animosity and hatred this oppressive and brutal institution holds against the Egyptian revolution and its revolutionaries. The joint plan of the Military Council and Islamic reactionaries, including Salafis and Muslim Brotherhood, aims at ending the revolution and putting the affairs of the ruling class in order sometime in the near future.

All observations indicate that the intention of the military institution is to drown the revolutionaries in their own blood, as they have yet to back down with their plans to attack the mass demonstrations and they have not changed their tone, propaganda or defamation campaign against the revolutionaries. They threaten the masses with sever punishment if they continue to insist on with their demands and strive to bring about a radical change in political and economic situation, which will be favourable to only themselves.

The Military Council, amid the current situation, leads the counter-revolution of the capitalist class ruling in Egypt. It has mobilised all the reactionary forces from the remnants of the former regime, nationalist and Islamic parties and the ruling class’s media and propaganda apparatuses in a non holly alliance to force the workers and toilers of Egypt to give up their revolutionary dream and accept living under humiliation and oppression.

It is understandable that they direct their arrows of reaction against the Revolutionary Socialists Movement. The Revolutionary Socialists Movement has proved, during the last few months, that it is an effective leftist group consistent in its defence of the demands of workers and toilers in Egypt. The frenzied propaganda campaign against this movement and its revolutionary approach is intended to be a preface for a bloody oppression which will not be limited to the activists of the movement but will include all protesting workers and all socialists and leftists.

Therefore, we in the Campaign in Defence of the Labour Movement in Egypt express our support for this movement and we call on all revolutionaries and freedom loving people in Egypt and worldwide to defend the revolutionary Socialist Movement and stand beside them against the deceitful propaganda campaign against them.

Revolutionary workers and freedom loving people!

Raise your voices in defence of the Egyptian revolution. Condemn the bloody oppression against the revolutionaries and condemn the propaganda campaign against the Revolutionary Socialists Movement and threats and incitement against socialists in Egypt.

The revolutionaries, workers and socialists who are defending their rights and the rights of toilers in Egypt need your support and solidarity.

Long live the Egyptian Revolution

Long live the struggle of the working class for freedom and equality.

Shemal Ali

Coordinator of the Campaign in Dfense of the Labour Movement in Egypy

22nd December 2011


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